Product Spotlight

FLECT - The FLECT enables researchers to realize the full potential of in vivo optical imaging for the first time. Using FLECT’s true-360° tomographic approach, researchers no longer have to choose between imaging only near the surface of the subject and partial tomography solutions that distort the subject or create artifacts. Instead, the FLECT provides uniform sensitivity and resolution throughout the subject.


About TriFoil Imaging


Leading research laboratories around the world depend on Trifoil Imaging (formerly Gamma Medica – Ideas Pre-Clinical) technology to meet all their advanced in-vivo molecular imaging needs. The Triumph™ tri-modality system offers the highest quality and the best value by combining three modalities all in one reliable and easy-to-use system.

Researchers in universities, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations require high-quality imaging technology, but most solutions can't accommodate multiple modalities in one platform. Triumph® II combines true PET, SPECT, and CT in the world's first, tri-modality system.

With the acquisition of Bioscan Inc., TriFoil Imaging has expanded its range of imaging systems with the manufacturing of FLECT™, the first non-nuclear 360 degree tomographic imaging system.


Application Spotlight


FLECT/CT™ Demonstrates Nonisotopic PET- and SPECT-like Imaging Capabilities - In a new application note based on work performed by Drs. Sabrina Pesnel and Alain Le Pape at CNRS Orleans, France, TriFoil Imaging demonstrates the potential of the FLECT/CT optical imaging system for research that once would have required PET/CT or SPECT/CT imaging. For example, recent studies completed using ThermoFisher's 2-DG-Dylight produced images of orthotopic colorectal tumors comparable to those achieved using standard FDG PET.