Journal Publications

As a company that aspires to design, develop and produce high-performance in vivo imaging technologies, TriFoil Imaging understands its role as an enabler of fundamental biological research, of cutting-edge discoveries in molecular diagnosis and therapy, and of drug development. Our instruments provide the tools for visualization and quantification of biological and biochemical processes in vivo at volume and concentration levels impossible just a few years ago. There is substantial development and effort required to transform our technical innovations from prototypes into products that enable high-level research. We are grateful to our users for providing the extensive input and feedback required to identify new technologies and applications, to overcome technical barriers, and to refine our products into powerful, yet easy-to-use, life sciences research tools.

Consequently, we regard the success of our customers, assisted or enabled by the use of our products, as the primary indicator of Bioscan's performance. Our publications library contains summaries of hundreds of papers and presentations covering investigations in areas such as oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular and pulmonary research, regenerative medicine, inflammation, nephrology and toxicology. These research applications have been made possible by customers' work with our Triumph® II, eXplore CT120, NanoSPECT/CT®, eXplore Locus SP, FLEX, eXplore Locus RS and FLECT™ imaging systems. Furthermore, our users continue to "push the envelope" by experimenting with new imaging approaches and techniques.

Once again, we are grateful for the opportunity to promote our customers' research successes. We hope these bibliographies will help you to explore the exciting life sciences research avenues open to you through TriFoil Imaging's distinctive in vivo imaging technologies. We also encourage you to contact the authors of the papers presented therein. We hope that the resulting scientific discussions are both interesting and productive, and that they prompt you to join Bioscan's active user community.

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