TriFoil Imaging now distributes inviCRO's VivoQuant™ (VQ) image processing software which enables users of TriFoil Imaging's systems (InSyTe Series, Triumph and eXplore CT) to process and analyze data and images from multiple preclinical imaging modalities such as Optical, PET, CT & SPECT. In vivo imaging software is an important component to getting maximum value out of preclinical imaging processes, which is why VivoQuant is fully compatible with TriFoil Imaging's in vivo imaging systems.

vivoquant-main-pageThe latest VQ version supports import/export of DICOM 3.0 compatible data, as well as providing raw and native image importers (some with full DICOM conversion). Up to three modalities, including the PET, CT, Optical & SPECT data can be displayed, co-registered, analyzed, and modified simultaneously. VQ's newest version also provides custom automation capabilities through the new VivoScript tool and support for additional functions.


Features & Benefits

  • roiq3D ROI tool enables easy ROI segmentation of volume data sets, including automatic, semi-automatic and manual procedures
  • Supports multimodal and dynamic data. Once segmentation is completed for a fixed ROI it will be evaluated for all loaded datasets automatically
  • Supports the import and export of DICOM 3.0 compatible data, as well as providing raw and native image formats (some with full DICOM conversion)
  • Up to 3 modalities, such as Optical, SPECT, CT, PET or MR, can be displayed simultaneously, while even more data can be co-registered, analyzed and modified
  • Quantification tools enable easy analysis of density and activity parameters, including specific activity and SUV calculations
  • Easy exportation of results in various image and movie formats, as well as CSV spreadsheets
  • roi-multiple2Easy maximum intensity projection (MIP) feature enables construction of rotating 3D images of each scan; slice, multi-planar and tile views also available
  • Volume rendering tool with transfer maps for gradient and intensity enable customization of image display characteristics for each scan
  • Comprehensive image processing toolkit including smoothing, cropping, reorientation, registration, distance measurement and bed removal
  • ipacs-dmAvailable integration into inviCRO's iPACS data management tool featuring comprehensive image storage, version control, electronic signatures, study planning, messaging, batch image processing and report generation
  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance when used with a supported PACS system