Cardiac Image Analysis Software

LV smProvided through a partnership with Ottawa Heart Institute , FlowQuant is a complete cardiac image analysis software package suitable for use with preclinical, small-animal SPECT and PET imaging systems. FlowQuant allows preclinical researchers to measure and quantify myocardial blood flow in small animals. The software is able to be completely automated, reducing the chances for user error. FlowQuant has been designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind to enable highly automated batch processing by technologists while enabling the researcher to customize the analysis for specific needs.



Features & Benefits

  • kinetic smFully automated to reduce operator dependent variability, but allows for operator intervention if needed for image reorientation and segmentation
  • Offers tracer kinetic modeling including Patlak and Logan analysis, retention models and compartmental modeling for common and novel tracers
  • Provides Myocardial Blood Flow (MBF) analysis including absolute MBF quantification and flow reserve
  • Features myocardial viability analysis and metabolism-perfusion mismatch analysis
  • Analyze cardiac function using gated image analysis
  • Supports import of common PET/SPECT image formats and export of data as Excel® and CSV files, as well as regions of interest, time-activity curves and kinetic modeling results
  • Command prompt execution capabilities and automated report spooling for integration with third-party software

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