3D Analysis Software for Preclinical Studies

Amira is a multifaceted 3D in vivo imaging software which visualizes, manipulates, and understands your preclinical in vivo imaging data. In addition to handling your in vivo images, Amira also makes it easy to import and export your preclinical in vivo images taken from PET, CT, SPECT or MRI imaging. With Amira you will be able to manipulate in vivo images through a variety of digital filters, interactive editors; reconstruct tissues and regions. This analysis software is fast, interactive and has high quality visualization techniques. This program will provide you with easy-to-use tools to explore your volumes by clipping, cropping and colormaps.

amiraofficiallogoYou will be able to analyze your volumes with advanced tools for statistical, surface and grid analysis. Perform geometrical measures of distances, angles, surface and volumes. With Amira you will also be able to create high quality demos for interactive presentations with or without stereoscopic displays and export demos as movie clips and animations.


Key Features



  Import and Export

--Bitmap f ormats:  TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, SGI

--Microscopy-specific formats:  Leica*, Zeiss*,  Bio-Rad*, Olympus*, MRC

--Medical imag e formats:  DICOM, Analyze

--Neuroscience formats:  Nifti, Hoc,     SWC

--Molecular f ormats:  PDB and many more

--Finite element modeling:  FIDAP*, I-DEAS, Fluent

--Geometric modeling and C AD:  DXF, STL, VRML, Open Inventor

--Flexible raw data import

--Very large data support                        




--Interactive high-quality volume visualization

--Orthogonal and oblique slicing

--Volume and surface rendering

--Isolines and isosurf aces

--Multichannel imaging

--Image fusion                                          

--Vector and tensor visualization

--Support of structured and unstructured grids

--Molecular visualization



--2D and 3D image filtering

--Deconvolution and Z-drop correction

--Interactive / automatic slice alignment

--Image registration and morphing

--Interactive / automatic segmentation

--Skeletonization and tracing of neural and vascular networks

--Dedicated editors for segmentation, filament tracing, and 3D image fusion and co-registration

--Surface generation

--FEM grid generation

--Tensor computation

--DTI based fiber tracking

--Powerful scripting interface

--Multicore support for many modules

Analyze and measure

--Volume, area, and distance measurements

--Densitometry (gray value statistics)

--Filament network statistics

--Co-localization analysis

--Component separation, counting and shape analysis

--Arithmetic operations on images, vector fields, and unstructured grids

--Direct integration of the MATLAB® compute engine


--Video generation

--Advanced key frame and object animation

--Active and passive 3D stereo vision

--Virtual reality navigation tools

--Single and tiled scr een display

Sample Images

Functional Modules-Display

 amira4     amira3

Fused Display


Image Conversion