Technical Service & Support

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TriFoil Imaging's technical services and support team provides exceptional support and service to TriFoil Imaging's diverse portfolio of small animal, in vivo preclinical imaging products: Triumph II, eXplore CT120, FLECT, eXplore SpeCZT/CT120, Locus RS, Locus SP, Ultra, FLEX, BioPET/CT, NanoX-CT, and NanoSPECT/CT.

These imaging products are sophisticated, precision instruments. In order to keep these instruments operating at their peak productivity levels, our global network of professionally-trained Field Service Engineers are available to assist you with installation, preventative maintenance, calibration, technical guidance, and emergency repair services.

We provide fast and knowledgeable support to ensure your system uptime and performance is maximized. We also understand that our customers have their own unique requirements for service, which is why we offer a variety of service level agreements. You can select the level of coverage that best suits your needs.

TriFoil Imaging's support teams are committed to providing the highest level of onsite and remote support in the industry with our expert team of highly trained and courteous staff.

Get immediate help remotely with TriFoil Remote Support:

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