Preclinical Benchtop InSyTe SPECT/CT

The first benchtop SPECT system with MMP-SPECT™

The MMP-SPECT sub-system exploits the proven performance of Multiplexed Multi-Pinhole SPECT (MMP-SPECT) and the high intrinsic spatial and energy resolutions of the solid-state Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detector technology. Direct CZT detection eliminates scintillator light-spreading and PMT light-sharing. This enables simultaneous pinhole projection of up to 16 images on a single detector.

The InSyTe SPECT sub-system is designed to perform both focused and whole-body SPECT imaging, as well as static and dynamic SPECT acquisitions.

Other features include:

  • Is configured with two CZT digital gamma cameras of high intrinsic 1.6 mm resolution.
  • Multi-pinhole collimators with up to 16 pinholes per detector for mice and small rats.
  • High energy resolution (better than 4.5 % at 140 keV) generates clear images by reducing radiation scatter, and is uniquely suited for simultaneous multi-isotope imaging.
  • Single- and multi-isotope detection of all common SPECT isotopes: I-125, 99mTc, I-123, In-111, Lu-177, Re-188, etc.
  • Patent-protected HiSPECT 3D-OSEM image reconstruction with RAYguide contrast enhancement for low-dose images

The Digital SPECT Advantage illustrated: 

spect flectside-by-sideOverlapping projections are enabling InSyTe's SPECT system to cover the entire diameter of the animal with one single acquisition, thus avoiding numerous step-and-shoot system operations for whole-body scanning.

Image courtesy of Drs. S. Pesnel, M.Vandamme & A. LePape, CNRS Orleans, France