Triumph II® PET/SPECT/CT Imaging

Total Solution for Preclinical tri-modality (PET/SPECT/CT) in-vivo imaging

triumphiisystemsideThe Triumph preclinical imaging system offers multiple configurations to address in vivo researchers' needs for small animal imaging. The Triumph preclinical imaging system can be combined with up to three different imaging modalities (PET, SPECT, CT) in a single, effective platform. Combining functional in-vivo imaging provided by SPECT and PET with high-resolution anatomical imaging provided by CT, the Triumph II creates a high-throughput in-vivo imaging system designed specifically by animal researchers for animal researchers. The Triumph II is an customizable and powerful imaging system for small animal in vivo imaging in preclinical research.

Triumph helps small animal researchers easily and effectively monitor disease processes and understand the effects of new drug treatments during preclinical studies. The same animal can be studied over time with repeat imaging measurements. Accessories, which may be essential for performing reproducible and reliable molecular imaging studies in live animals (i.e. radiopharmaceutical injectors, vital sign monitors, blood counter, bed motion sequence, etc.), can all be controlled from a single user- friendly interface. The Triumph II is the perfect solution for small animal preclinical research.

Triumph II improves operational workflow and saves valuable scanner time by allowing complex imaging protocols to be pre-programmed. In addition, relevant information about the scan is collected during imaging and recorded in a DICOM- compatible database.

The Triumph II is a next generation preclinical imaging system with a wide range of in-vivo imaging capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Accommodates the following choices of modalities available individually, in any combination of two, or all three: digital PET imaging with three different axial fields of view, CT imaging, and one, two, or four digital gamma detectors for SPECT imaging.
  • Features the eXplore Console - intuitive software that allows the control of acquisition, data browsing, reconstruction and visualization and analysis all from a single user interface.
  • Single-axis animal bed track facilitates automated co- registration between modalities.
  • Fully shielded cabinet for X-rays.
  • Accommodate multiple small animal types-Carbon fiber animal beds for mouse (25 mm), rat (50 mm), and rabbits (125 mm) available.
  • Integrated small animal bed heating system
  • Pre-plumbed lines for gas anesthesia and waste-gas management
  • Access for catheters and other accessory lines
  • Integrated physiological monitoring system for ECG, respiration, and temperature
  • Video Monitoring system for live view of animal during imaging
  • Hand controller to position detectors, X-ray tube, gantry, and animal bed
  • Optional Items:
    • Automated injection pump
    • Automated Microvolumetric Blood Counter system for input function measurement

Sample Images


Perfect Co-Registration

Labeled the MAA with F18 and with Tc99m (Images courtesy Yang Ming University)