Triumph II HRCT Subsystem

High Resolution MicroCT

The High Resolution CT for the Triumph II PET/SPECT/CT provides spatial resolution down to 35 micron (14 lp/mm), a two-fold improvement from the resolution of the standard XO-CT on the Triumph II. The HRCT also provides enhanced functionality to the Triumph system including variable focal spot (25-130μm), prospective respiratory gating, frame averaging, automatic fusion hrctscale2edand protocol flexibility (high resolution, low power quantitative scanning to high power, high throughput screening).

These advanced features expand the Triumph's already vast application range into specimen scanning, detailed bone studies, lung morphology and (potentially) tumor angiography. The HRCT is available for new system configurations and is also upgradeable in the field for existing Triumph platforms.

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Features and Benefits

  •  In-Vivo Scanning

    Feature: Prospective Respiratory Gating

    Benefit: Timed acquisitions coincident with animal breathing to minimize image distortion

    Applications: Cardiology, Pulmonary, Lung Disease and Cancer Studies

  • Specimen Scanning

    Feature: <35 m spatial resolution

    Benefit: 2-3 times better resolution than typical in vivo microCT with comparable dose.

    Applications: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, bone physiology and stereology studies.

  • Mutlipurpose Scanning

    Feature: Variable Focal Spot (25-130 m), zooming, frame stacking and fusion

    Benefit: Adjustable FOV, exposure dose and

    contrast resolution based on study needs.

    Applications: Combinatorial studies of whole body and partial morphology/physiology with single animal.

Sample Images



Images courtesy of NTMI & University of Michigan