InSyTe Benchtop CT

The first in-line X-ray CT series available with either a FLECT, PET or SPECT

The InSyTE X-Ray Only (XO) Computed Tomography (CT) system provides high-quality CT images. Its co-axial design with PET, SPECT or FLECT enables one-pass imaging with automatic co-registration of functional and anatomical images. When used for standalone X-ray CT, images can be fused with tomographic images from other systems imported through DICOM. The CT system features a large-area 1.3 mega pixel CMOS detector and 50W X-ray source, optimized for soft-tissue contrast imaging. It has the flexibility to perform a wide range of acquisition protocols, with whole-body imaging in less than 90 seconds.

The InSyTe CT can be installed with FLECT, PET or SPECT or later upgraded at the user's facility.

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