Preclinical Imaging Modalities

Small Animal Imaging Systems that Work in Concert

TriFoil Imaging provides small animal imaging solutions for pre-clinical and in-vivo studies. TriFoil's small animal imaging system uses biomarkers in small animals to conduct in‐vivo studies of drug metabolism, bioavailability, efficacy and toxicity. These in-vivo images allow researchers to follow a prospective therapy in living animals to see absorption, distribution, metabolism, and toxicology characteristics in real time. The small animal imaging technology improves screening of drug pipeline candidates over classic in‐vitro methods by providing more relevant, consistent biological data with reduced research cost, complexity and time.

TriFoil Imaging provides differentiated, multimodal animal imaging solutions designed for the preclinical market:

  • True 360° Optical tomography
  • Sub-mm PET, SPECT and X-Ray CT
  • Common platforms for Animal Handling

Features & Benefits

  • Coregistration of Optical, SPECT, CT and PET imaging made easy - All systems use the same animal handling equipment
  • Efficiency in your daily research - Modalities can operate simultaneously, so there are no limitations on research workflow
  • Truly translational - Transfer preclinical study protocols directly to the clinic
  • Wide range of animal models - Accommodates small animals from mice to rats and rabbits
  • Upgradable platforms - As your research needs change, upgrade your TriFoil Imaging systems to add throughput and new capabilities for in-vivo small animal imaging