InSyTe FLECT/CT is our patented fluorescence imaging technology that provides the only true 360° optical tomography system with in-line X-ray CT. FLECT/CT combines all the advantages of FLECT, providing full functional imaging capabilities combined with the anatomical imaging capabilities of the in-line X-ray  CT subsystem. The dual-modality configuration provides a complete imaging solution for advanced preclinical imaging studies without the use of radioactive tracers. Progress in chemical synthesis and labeling strategies for tracers, as well as of the shelf availability of a wide range of NIR fluorophores, allows for a broad spectrum of applications to be investigated with InSyTe FLECT/CT. InSyTe FLECT/CT  is a table-top system (135cm X 80 cm x 80 cm) weighing 120 kg and therefore suitable for installation on a standard laboratory bench in any BS-1 or BS-2 laboratory.

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Common Applications

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Gene expression
  • Therapeutic Response
  • Bio-distribution
  • Neurology


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