InSyTe FLECT is the first and only commercially available true 360° tomographic optical preclinical imaging system. FLECT enables researchers to realize the full potential of in vivo optical imaging. With FLECT’s true 360° tomographic capability, researchers no longer have to choose between imaging only near the surface of the subject (subcutaneous samples) and partial tomography solutions that distort the subject or create artifacts. Instead, FLECT provides uniform sensitivity and resolution throughout the subject. FLECT provides researchers with a NIR (near infrared) functional imaging modality and therefore an important tool to detect and measure changes in the following: metabolism, blood flow, therapy control, biodistribution, drugs and chemical compounds, and many more physiological applications.

InSyTe FLECT is equipped with 4 standard lasers in the range of 640 nm to 780 nm and 5 standard corresponding lasers from 695 nm to 853 nm wavelength. The field of view is 40 mm x 130 mm (trans axial x axial) with a bore size of 50 mm. State-of-the-art acquisition and reconstruction software guarantee a wide range of research applications, flexibility and stability of the acquired data. Standalone FLECT is a table-top system (135cm X 80 cm x 80 cm) weighing 65 kg and therefore suitable for installation on a standard laboratory bench in any BS1 or BS2 laboratory.

Common Applications

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Gene expression
  • Therapeutic Response
  • Bio-distribution
  • Neurology


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