InSyTe CT excels  by  offering  the  best  integrated X-Ray CT system  with optimized soft tissue contrast that does not require complex programming. For a customized approach, you can purchase a system with the CT modality initially and upgrade later to incorporate FLECT. With an energy range from 30 keV to 50 keV, configurable exposure times (18 ms to 3000 ms) and a flexible beam current of  ≤1 mA, InSyTe CT is perfectly equipped to allow for high soft -tissue  contrast  CT  imaging,  providing  necessary  anatomical  information  for  physiological  studies, as well as high bone contrast imaging for various anatomical investigations.  With  the  implementation  of  special X-ray filters  for  beam  hardening  or  beam  softening, the  system  provides clinical quality soft tissue contrast and low artifact bone imaging. All  InSyTe  systems have  a  simple,  consistent, user-friendly  interface  for  image reconstruction  and co-registration across all modalities and a powerful image post-processing workstation. Standalone InSyTe CT  is  a  table-top  system  (135cm  X  80 cm x 80 cm) weighing 80 kg and therefore suitable for installation on a standard laboratory bench in any BS1 or BS2 laboratory.

Common Applications

  • Cardiovascular
  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Body composition/metabolism
  • Tumor detection/monitoring
  • Theranostic development
  • Orthopedic/Bone disease



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